Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Converted a 1960's TV into a Mini Bar...

So my husband and I purchased this vintage 1960's TV in the hopes of converting it into a mini bar. Inspired through the lovely land of Pinterest, we set out to make it happen. The husband went to work gutting it out and I took care of the cleaning, and it was DUSTY, layers upon layers of dust! Over all the process was fairly easy, just a lot of dirty work. Once clean we lined it with a nice fabric, and strung Christmas lights on the top part of the inside of the TV. Finally we added the goods and couldn't be happier with it!!!

Inside the beast.
Dust is my kryptonite!
A celebratory drink is definitely in order.
Isn't she beautiful?!?!


  1. This is just so freakin fabulous! What a great idea! You guys did a great job. It makes me want a martini! :-)

  2. Thank you so much, and I'm glad to have inspired you to have a cocktail : )

  3. I found this EXACT tv on the side of the road yesterday and when looking online as to what to turn it into I stumbled upon your blog...I LOVE this idea. They boyfriend and I are working on it today =)

  4. We just found a 1955 Zenith we are going to do this with. Thanks for the fabulous idea. What did you use for the interior?

  5. Pink Flamingo Lounge is literally the best DIY community out there!! I read it daily for clever ideas, and I’m also extremely grateful I found https://mmini.me/YOUCANBUILDIT it helped me get detailed step by step instructions from a seemingly endless archive!